Round and Round We Go

I don’t know why I speak, you ignore and we end up in this circle. We’ve been down this path many times. It is a pattern.

You don’t like me checking on you or snooping around. Still, I am worried that this journey is heading in the same direction. You say “It’s all good”, but is it? How is it good? How is it different?

You began a huge undertaking that led me to admit you to rehab the last time. The time after that I slept with you for a week while you went through withdrawals. Is this the life you want, bouncing between bouts of drugs and withdrawals – if you don’t end up killing your self. Today, you were upset about your friend who relapsed again and why no one told you. You are emotional and everyone knows this. That is why they didn’t tell you. Your reaction was what they feared.

You say you are an adult. When will I see adult decision making from you? For now, I am accepting your “assurances”, but I will be watching and waiting for the “boom” that I am sure will be coming. I hope you surprise me – in a good way this time.


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