Who can say what affects another person or in what?

A drug addict sees things differently than you or  I.  If my relationship ends, I will be hurt of course.  The addict’s response is different.  The hurt is expressed through tears,  depression,  drugs and even suicidal thoughts. Anything is probable.

I fear each time BB starts a new relationship.  Even if  I try to direct her away, she won’t listen or wise she will hide it.  I sit pondering, if/when it ends how will she take it.

This time was very bad.  Her relationship ended,  her ex had been set talking her,  her son begins a new year at school & again far away while at the same time she’ll have to watch her father make a trip overseas that she longs for, knowing she can’t right now. Emotions from all sides colliding resulting in a very bad decision on her part that led to more emotional fallout than I can put here.

One of her counselors once told me her addiction is two-sided.  Drugs and  relationships. It’s either one or the other for her.  Sometimes  I think he’s right,  depending on the relationship.

This has been a very hard week for us and her.

Please remember us and all families living with addiction in your prayers.


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