Day 2

Today, I trepidatiously sent her off to University. She finally admitted this morning when she was struggling to wake up, although it was in an offhanded way, to overdosing on sleeping pills. However, she continues to blame the girl she brought home. Not accepting any blame on herself. This concerns me.
Step 1 is always admission. Without this full admission, can she get to Step 2 and beyond? Am I over analyzing?


She seems to think this girl led her down a wrong path, but it was her hand that put the pills in her mouth. Her friend’s friends that they were hanging out with. Does she truly think I am that naive? I know she regretted her actions the next day when she ended up missing her presentation for the thesis that she worked hard on for weeks. The rest of it– well,
who knows.
Well, today I am hoping for the best. Hoping that my daughter comes home sober and safe. Please keep us in your prayers.

BB’s Mom


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