WordPress – Why?

I have been implementing some changes to this website and have moved to a new website platform – Joomla. There is another website that I manage that I have done this with, too. So, before I lose everything I export my posts. I go to import them to my WordPress hosted blog and wordpress suspends me. I try again and it happens again. I’m just not in the mood to play wordpress! Just bite me. I took my posts to import from my self-hosted site to my wordpress hosted site. One would think that would be ok, but they’re not WordPress.
So, today I hate WordPress and have fell back to my blogspot version of the same blog. Thank goodness I saved it.
Another caveat was my Mars Edit blogging software. Apparently, I need to upgrade so I’m zero for two this morning. Soon, my Joomla site will be ready and all will be well with the world. WordPress, I really don’t understand why you have forsaken me! Until, you fix yourselves I have moved to greener pastures at Blogger.

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