A New Blogger – Not Sure I Like This

Well, I’m happy that BB is on the straight path and seems to be sticking with it. I’m hopeful that perhaps she’ll stay clean this time. Of course I thought that last time, too.

Today, she revealed she’s started a blog. I’m not sure where it will lead or not, but perhaps it is the outlet she needs. Perhaps it will help her heal. Perhaps…

We all need that outlet, expression, activity that helps us. We can explode on the world and it’s ok. It’s better than exploding on your husband or children that’s for sure. So, I’ve read her first post. I’m not sure I’m happy with it, but I’m letting her go with it and not saying anything for now.

“Multiple Personality Disorder… That’s what they said I have. One would think being dragged into a Psychiatric hospital by unknown security officers against your own will is pretty horrific in itself, right? But then, to be told you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder on top of that, well…that is something to make you actually go mental!”. I have to admit when I read this first line of her first post, it freaked me out just a bit. I thought about talking to her, but she didn’t share it with me. She shared it on FB, but not in a way I could see it and I had to ask her brother to send me the link. So, I decided to let it go for now. I will watch and see what comes next.


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