Mothers and Daughters


I guess when you were born I sort of hoped we would have the best relationship. You were my little helper when you were young, wanting to do everything. I wished for you the relationship I had most of the time with my Mom. I don’t know where it all went wrong for you.

I am listening. I do hear you. I understand what you want, but I have reservations. My heart says yes, do what she is asking. My brain says, hold on didn’t she say that last time? It is an internal conflict between the visual picture you put in front of me and the actual that I have already experienced with you and telling me this time is different doesn’t comfort me. I have already walked down this road once and was burned by you.

The Gilmore Girls was an awesome show showing the awesome relationship between a mother and daughter, but the mother had a difficult relationship with her own mother. That is the way it goes some times, perfect and not so perfect. It doesn’t mean I hate you or can’t stand you, but it does mean I tread cautiously trying to determine which side of the line you are coming from.

We will bring you home again in due course. In the mean time, pray understanding that all help comes from HIM. That submission to HIM brings many blessings and peace of mind. HE is the best of doctors, counselors and friends. You need only to have faith.

We love you,

BB’s Mom


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