Seeking Inspiration

wpid-pastedgraphic-2014-08-11-15-23.pngWell, I’ve been happily reading and hopefully learning from the blogs of various recovering persons and their family members today. From the depressing, frightening to the insightful, all are found on WordPress and Blogger. I was also encouraged to find communities on Google+ and all this is added to my bucket for when BB comes home and .

She had been talking about doing a blog awhile ago, I may encourage her to do this as part of her recovery process. In general she likes to write and read on a variety of topics. In fact, one blogger in recovery started her blog for just this reason. Groups in the area where we live are only while in rehab so I have been search for online, specifically Skype groups for her to participate in as many have mentioned groups are a necessary part of recovery. One organization, Life Ring, has one such group as part of their LifeRingAsia network. As we live in South Asia, I was very happy to learn about this option.

I’ve read another blogger in recovery’s addiction story and felt saddened as to how this disease can be born of actual neurological disorders and isn’t just a disease that strikes the young, but can happen to anyone. From today, I will refer to addiction as a disease as this is what it is. A disease. I understand that this is not BB’s fault, but it is up to her to recover from it. Someday, I hope to post a Life is Good post regarding her. In the meantime I take hope from those who have recovered and have maintained their sobriety.

Thank you for all the bloggers out their telling their stories and sharing their knowledge. I would be lost without you.

BB’s Mom


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