Truth or Lie?

When I started this blog, I supposed I envisioned others out there who have gone through what our family is right now. I suppose I was hoping for comments with advise or telling me what we’re doing right, what to look out for and what not to do. 

For instance, last night my daughter’s main counselor sends me a message to have my son call her. She wanted to wish him happy birthday, it seemed. My mind spun back about 4 years to when she was getting married to the husband who is divorcing her now. They first got married in the court and when she had called me to tell me the date, I commented that it was her brother’s birthday. She was oblivious then. 


So many things go through my mind when it’s time to talk to her. What to tell, what not, will this make her happy or not, is today a good day or bad. Yesterday, after the wishing she asked to talked to me. She can’t be in there so long she tells me and be out of touch with her husband and son. She’ll have weekly random blood tests. She knows now she can’t be on drugs. She doesn’t need a cellphone or Facebook or anything. After each statement, I wonder should I discuss with her father or not. Is she being honest or is it a ploy to get out so she can go back to her friends, drug or anything else. Is it wise to trust her when she’s not even in there a month yet? She then tells me it’s different this time. Last time she thought she could still do drugs. She hit rock bottom now. Again, truth or lie. She said many of the same or similar last time. 


I keep hoping that maybe this will be the last time we have to send her. It’s the second time, but we have seen that many return over and over and that makes us very worried. Her doctor has said she needs to stay for 7 months. It’s hard to determine whether it’s for our payments or her situation. 

How to separate the truth from the lie?


3 thoughts on “Truth or Lie?

  1. Anything I say is just my opinion here. First, there is no addiction that yields to sobriety afters 7 months. That to me sounds like the facility is hoping to make some extra dough. On the other hand, if BB is truly ready to stay sober, she should be willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. ie.; stay in a facility for 7 months if necessary. It is really tough to tell because there are a lot of variables. What drug is BB doing? (drug of choice)? Also, many times I thought I was at my bottom, and then the bottom fell out and I fell even farther down to a new bottom. What has happened to make you think she has hit bottom? Of course you don’t need to answer any of these but I know how an addict thinks and acts. I manipulated and lied to my family for many years so I could continue to use. I wish you the best and hope your daughter is truly done this time.


    1. BB used panthedine (injectable opiate), oxycontin, yaba, marijuana, sleeping pills and alcohol. I don’t know if she really has a drug of choice really. She was really weak after this binge. She herself admitted she had hit bottom, of course once out of rehab we’ll know for sure. This guy believes that it takes three months just to rid the body of the toxins and that’s when the real rehab begins. That’s what he told me today. I hope she is fine for real this time, too. Thanks for commenting.


      1. Coming off opiates is excruciating physically. It took me 30 days of jail time (held against will) before I was safe enough to continue sobriety. Any less than that I would relapse, every single time. Over 100 relapses. Some studies say that after a year, the brain will begin to start functioning at normal again but the actual toxins are untraceable in blood and urine after 7 days (+/-) except marijuana which can take 30 days (+/-). I’m not a doctor but I have done extensive research. I’ve also taken 100’s of drug tests; urine, blood and hair follicle. You are right, you will know when she gets out. Trust your instinct when she speaks with you. You instinct is correct when it tells you what it tells you. Good luck!


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