Oxymorphon or..Oxycontin to you

wpid-pastedgraphic1-2014-08-9-19-57.png So, I am reading on How Is My Son who writes about her son’s addiction to Oxycontin and I realize this the same thing that my daughter had been using where I am, but here it is called Oxymorphone. In the U.S. these drugs are restricted, but people still get them somehow. Where I am there is no drug regulation, no prescriptions or anything like that. Just walk into the pharmacy knowing what you are looking for and you get it, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED.

It is surprising that with this being the case that there aren’t more overdoses, good rehab centers and in general, news on this growing problem here. For anyone who wants to know about this evil drug you can read about it here http://health.howstuffworks.com/medicine/medication/question706.htm and please read the beginning post of How Is My Son: How Did I Get Here. Truly enlightening.

As for me I am only just beginning to grasp the many parts of helping a recovering addict. Thank you for your support and understanding.


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