Well, it’s been a few days since I have written here. Sorry for being away, but alot is happening here. After nearly a week out of the house and refusing to come home, my BB show’s up at my MIL’s house. We really didn’t want her there due to the stress she would place on my MIL. As expected everything was my fault (according to BB anyway). We also didn’t want her there with her brother. At that point we felt the less interaction the better.

After a text to me that said simply, “I have no home” she rejected my calls. Really, there is no answer. Finally, when it suited her she called me. That was more of a screaming fit at me and then when none of my answers were acceptable I handed her over to her father. He tried in the calmest way possible to tell her exactly what I had told her. Later, as I suspected anyway, it turned out this was a drama for my MIL’s benefit. This actually made me feel worse as I am sure she was stressed hearing and seeing all this.

It’s never an easy decision, but when you can’t see an end to the madness it is the only decision you can make. So, we sent her back to rehab. It will be about 3 months +/- and I hope this will be the last time. Please keep BB in your prayers.


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