Liar, Liar, Liar

Over the weekend I had a brainstorm. I installed GPS tracking on my daughter’s phone. On, Sunday we went to work and then she told me she was going to her event planning partner’s place. Really, I had no reason to doubt her, but still I had to check the GPS. Funny thing is the GPS said she was in an entirely different neighborhood. Then I called my driver to double check. He tells me the same thing she did. Now, I am mad. Still, I don’t say anything to him.

Finally, I decided to go to the location shown on my GPS to check. I thought a lying driver is not a good thing. So, on arrival sure enough there is my car. No driver in the car though. Then I call my daughter. I again ask her where she is, playing stupid. She again tells me she is at her partner’s place. I tell that’s funny, because our car is somewhere else. “How is it possible for our car to be in one neighborhood and you in another?” She then accuses me of making a scene (we weren’t even in the neighborhood of a scene, yet). Then tells me to go home. Well, I am stubborn and considering I have been lied to by both I was spitting mad, and yes, I find her out. This led to more of a fight.

Then I found our driver and informed him that I pay him and therefore he is responsible to me for where the car goes. I made a few elder security guards unhappy when they heard me tell him that there was no point to him praying, as his prayers wouldn’t count (because he had lied). I told them that, too.  In the month of Ramadan, whose prayers will be accepted if they lie?

So, my ever so mature daughter decides not to come home that night. Said she needed “space” and to be away from her parents. This after crying a river of tears to her father who listened patiently and then told her to come home. Finally, he sent her a final effort text, but that just led to more ire from her side.

Finally, she arrived at work 1 1/2 hours late this morning saying she wanted to talk to me after her class. The “talk” was more listening to her complain and telling her she needed to come home. She finally agreed, but saying that we needed to let her work on her event.

Today, I have found her again at the disrepute address for over 3 hours before she went to another location. I’ll continue to watch. However, I have laid the law down to her and the driver, NO MORE LYING.


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