Mama NOT Happy!

So, BB’s BF is leaving for school in Australia which meant I spent the day waiting for BB to come home. From midday they went out for a lunch date (BB is not fasting) and then the day continued. Since BB has only recently returned to Bangladesh, she has no idea as per norms during this month. She neglects to understand who to treat staff who are fasting, for instance our Driver. She finally had mercy on him at midnight and sent him home. It really was unfair to him to keep him out so late.

When I cautioned her, for practical reasons, that she shouldn’t go to the airport I was met with promises and assumptions that she and their entourage were getting VIP treatment and would not have to sit in traffic at all. I was told “I’ll only be a little late, like 5 minutes or so.” I have lived in this country for 10 years and pretty much know how the traffic is at various times of day. My advice was not heeded and our staff really abused. So, for many reasons NOT Happy. 

In addition to this is the attitude that she her new offered job is more important than keeping her commitment to the one she is presently doing. Right now exhausted as madam finally made it home at 2am. Hubby told me to sleep, but I just didn’t see the point. 


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