Welcome to UnEmpty Nest. This is essentially a journal documenting my daughter’s addiction journey.

My daughter began experimenting with pharmaceuticals beginning in her early teens. We moved across the world in hopes of breaking the cycle and then sent her back to live with her uncle again in hopes of curing her thirst. Nothing helped. She has tried many pharmaceutical class drugs in addition to street drugs like marijuana, coccaine, yaba among others as well as alcohol from the time she was a teen until now. Finally she met someone she called her soul mate. They married and within a year she was expecting. I breathed a sigh of relief, but it only lasted a few years. Her husband finally had enough and asked her to leave. Custody of our grandchild went neither to him or her, but to her in-laws because they had both tested positive for drugs.

Stories from friends and family painted a very bleak picture and we brought her back home to assess her situation with a tentative plan of rehab should it be as bad as we were told.

She’s now been in rehab twice for a total of 10 months. We decided after the last time, that we would not admit her again. So, we are taking one day at a time and one relapse at a time, too. Presently, she is working toward completion of her BBA, but it’s not been an easy road.

This is a blog documenting her story and my story. At times it’s my venting outlet, too. I have been writing various blogs for over 8 years. Feel free to pipe in with comments and suggestions.


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